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Near the Sologne and the Castles of the Loire Valley, the AOC Cheverny thrives. The wines of the AOC Cheverny have an originality : they always arise from blends, that is to say they are composed of several grapes : 
- Pinot noir and Gamay for the red and rosé wines
- Sauvignon and Chardonnay for the white wines

The Cheverny appellation produces fruity, tender and friendly wines for joyful and festive moments.


A typical vineyard

Between the Loire River and the Sologne, the area of production extends over a surface of 636 ha on 25 municipalities of Loir-et-Cher (41). About forty winemakers  produce 24 570 hectoliters a year. The production divides up into fairly equal quantities: half in white wines and half in red and the rosé wines.

Strongly marked by the erosion of the Loire (erosion and deposit of terraces), the geology of the production area of Cheverny is rather original compared with the other appellations of the Loire Valley. It is derived either from dominant sandy soils or soils developed on calcareous substratum.

Expressive Wines


Lively and fine, white wines of Cheverny derives from a blend between Sauvignon, which expresses on this terroir all its aromatic power (note of blackcurrant and licorice) and the Chardonnay which brings the elegance.

Red wines of Cheverny are fruity and gourmet. They derive from a blend between the Pinot noir which gives the fineness and the subtlety and the Gamay which brings freshness and roundness. The Cabernet Franc and the Côt can integrate the blend as complementary grapes.

Finally, the rosé wines of Cheverny are supple in the mouth and their freshness is marked by a slightly spicy note - they are nice, fresh and easy to drink.



A little history…


Implanted from the Middle Ages around abbeys, the vineyard aroused the interest of kings of France in the XVI century.

In 1577, the parliament of Paris promulgated a law forbidding the Parisians to purchase wines produced within twenty leagues (88 km) of the capital. In order to comply with this law, the extension of vineyards was made at first around Orléans, then more and more towards the downstream, in the direction of Blois and Tours.

The terroir and the men will produce a quality wine which will be recognized in 1993 by the AOC.

Explore our region


Cheverny is situated 2 hours south of Paris and benefits from a privileged geographical situation which makes it an amazing destination for a weekend or for a family vacation. Besides its reknown castle of the XVII century (which is one of the few still furnished), the 18-holegolf, the closeness of Amboise, Chenonceau, Chambord, Tours and the zoo of Beauval (with its pandas), Cheverny is a great place to stay and discover this region of gastronomy, culture and history. The protected environment, the diversity of the vineyard and the wealth of the terroir you find here make it the perfect spot to enjoy our region.

You can meet the wine growers of this appellation on their estates and also come to taste fifty wines of AOC Cheverny and AOC Cour Cheverny in a place created by the winemakers themselves : the wine house of Chambord.

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