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There are only white wines under the Cour-Cheverny appellation. All these white wines are made of a single grape variety which is unique to this AOC : the Romorantin.

A unique grape


This very original grape gives a lot of character and body to the wine. The soil often clayey-siliceous or clayey-calcareous suits particularly well. Cour-Cheverny wines have a lot of freshness and a surprising potential of ageing.
The vineyards of Cour-Cheverny are situated in the Loire Valley. The area of production extends over a surface of 55 ha on 11 municipalities of Loir-et-Cher (41). About twenty winemakers produce 1 800 hectoliters a year.

Located near Chambord, between the Loire River and the Sologne, the appellation Cour-Cheverny makes the most of its terroir to realize original wines in limited quantities. Cour Cheverny wines are very much sought after by connoisseurs of rare wines.

Connoisseur Wines


The wine of Cour-Cheverny appellation is dry and lively and is characterized by a very big length in mouth. Pleasant in their youth, when it is tasted " on the fruit ", it also has a great ageing potential: its colour takes then golden reflections and its delicate flavors have notes of honey and of acacia tree. Cour-Cheverny wines can also be half dry wine when late-harvested (after the first frosts).

In its youth, Cour-Cheverny served freshly (8-10 °) will pair with asparaguses, fishes, scallops and white meats. With the age, it will be ideal with young partridge, a lobster, even a beautiful slice of pan-fried foie gras.

A little history


Quite unique, the Romorantin grape was introduced by Francois the 1st who had 80000 vine stock coming from Burgundy planted in the Loire Valley, near the town of Romorantin  in the locality " Le Clos des Baunes " where often stayed his mother Louise de Savoie. The legend tells us that François the 1st wanted to build a castle in this place but it was built in Chambord instead … the Romorantin grape is the last souvenir of François the 1st's dream!

Today, the Cour-Cheverny appellation holds the exclusivity rights of the Romorantin grape. This appellation was first created in May 1949 under the name "Mont-Près-Chambord - Cour-Cheverny" and was composed of 4 villages : Mont-Près-Chambord, Huisseau sur Cosson, Cheverny et Cour-Cheverny. It is in March 1993 that the appellation took its current name of "AOC Cour Cheverny" and was extended to 11 municipalities which were the original villages of the king's court. The Romorantin grape thrives on the siliceous soils of the vineyard where it can express all its potential to give birth to a typical and original white wine. The winemakers guarantee the typicality of the product thanks to an adapted specification.

Discover our region

You can meet the wine growers of this appellation on their estates and also come to taste fifty wines of AOC Cheverny and AOC Cour Cheverny in a place created by the winemakers themselves : the wine house of Chambord.

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